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Shoes and Inks Clinic


Dear Ismail and team,

It has been a year since I started my business after carefully searching for the best product I am thrilled I went with MIS Computer and the PRO Deluxe refilling machine, which I would highly recommend to anyone in the business or starting out.

Not only did I receive it quickly but your professionalism ,help and expertise from the purchase to your after sales support was second to none, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and your team.

Yours sincerely,

Shoes and Inks Clinic

Main Street Carrick-on-ShannomCo, Leitrim


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Darren Devers

Founder & Company Owner

Falda Enterprise


Bill & Josephine Lamont

Founder & Company Owner



Dear Sir,

We began in this business from 7 years ago. We used to refill inks manually,we thought that this the right way to reduce customer cost; but as soon as we noticed that %80 of the inks that we refilled manually were damaged and not well functioned, we began to search for other solutions.

MIS has changed everything. We are now leaders in ink refilling in our area. This machine has changed our life, we are now confident that our result are more than satisfactory for our clients.

By with the help of MIS PRO Deluxe, we are managing of refilling %99 of inks in the market with high end qualities.

Thank you MIS.

Tony Harb

General Manager

Ink Plus


I am the owner and operator of company INK PLUS. I purchased the business pack from MIS, which includes the PRO-6VC and a fully operational products package that covers every aspect for ink and toner refilling.

My experience with the PRO-6VC has been; precise ink refilling and vacuuming results, excellent quality instruments, and ease of use. The machine is very simple to operate for the beginner as I was when I began my ink-refilling business operations. I can certify that I’ve produced correct results with my machine and haven’t experienced any breakdown or failure.

The range of ink supplies that includes with my package covers every brand and cartridge model. Hence, I’m enabled to refill and return a fully functional cartridge to my customers and preserve my company’s credibility.

So for my part in this industry I can say that I’m very satisfied indeed and would recommend the same business package to the beginner who wishes to join in the fast evolving industry of ink/toner remanufacturing.

Alexander Vladisavljevic

General Manager


United Kingdom

It has now been 4 months since I took the plunge and decided to buy the business pack including the computerized PRO-6 and the easy to use twin vacuum chamber for my business in the UK. After taking a few days to familiarize myself with the equipment (which by the way, arrived very quickly from Turkey after I ordered it) my business has gone from strength to strength.

I now have my own branded boxes and stickers for all the major cartridges, and once a customer has tried one, they are usually back for more, especially as I am able to place more ink into the cartridges than the original capacity.

The starter pack that I purchased with my equipment, has been very valuable, especially when a customer has tried filling a cartridge themselves with an off the shelf refill kit, and over-filled the chambers and cross contaminated the sponges. They bring a cartridge in that will only print in one lurid colour, and are quite amazed when they get it back working perfectly after I have removed the sponges, given the cartridge a good steam clean with the steam gun that you supplied, put new sponges in and filled with the genuine pigment ink for that make of cartridge, all supplied by MIS.

Apart from you guys helping my business go from just ticking along to very busy, at half the price I could find in the UK, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you all at the Remax convention in Dusseldorf recently.

I knew that you were all decent hard working businessmen with a love of what you do; by my dealings with you all before we met. When we met, I was proved right, because I have rarely met such a nice friendly bunch of guys in my 30 odd years of working for myself, and was amazed to learn, that not only do you sell the equipment, but you design and build it as well !!!

I would not hesitate to recommended your company to anyone in the market for this kind of equipment, and am very happy that you now have a UK base for follow up stock etc… So, I can save even more money not having to import from Turkey.

Once again lads, thank you very much, and I look forward to doing further business with you all.

Bill Morton

General Manager

Refill Planet


Thanks to MIS, we finally opened our inkjet and toner refill service in Malta.

The MIS PRO-6 and PRO Deluxe ink cartridge refill machines are absolutely superb. It is very easy to use and our customers like to watch the machines in action while refilling their cartridges. Your training, advice and support were invaluable.

We were very lucky to have worked with you since we were new to refilling and running a business. I also want to thank you for being so responsive and patient when answering our questions. It’s great to have "MIS" as a business partner.


Antonio Saliba

General Manager

Cartridge Direct


If you’re thinking of buying products from MIS – have no fear! I have two refill shops in Spain and I ordered from MIS this year, for the first time.

I have to say that the refill machine I bought is absolutely superb. It does the job much better than my existing (and far more expensive!) machine. All the inks and packaging materials are also of excellent quality.

Another great thing about dealing with MIS is the fantastic after sales service. Every query or problem is dealt with quickly, professionally and in a very friendly way. I can honestly say I have never experienced customer service as good as this!

All in all, I am very happy to give MIS a 100% recommendation. This is a company you can really trust.

Brian Mullins

General Manager

Fill Point


We have been using MIS PRO Deluxe Refilling Machine for more than 2 years. Everything is going well.

It is in everyday permanent use and the machine does a very good job since our purchase. It really helps us develop our business.

Recently, we needed to change some components and our order was handled immediately. We are very satisfied with their excellent after sales services.

We would recommend MIS Computer to everybody who wants to have a reliable supplier who will help anytime you need.


Sara Risticova

General Manager

Hyper Media Store


Dear Ismail,

Machines arrived last Saturday and we have set up so far 1 of them, I have to tell you that we are delighted for how easy they are to use.

The construction seems of very good quality and I was able to set up and start refilling without even reading the instructions. Of course I poured the oil and read the instructions later jeje!

We are very happy because the productivity rate has raised and this machines are quieter than our previous machines. Many thanks for your support and kind advice.

Best Regards,

Alan HU

General Manager

PDCA Consulting


We bought the MIS Toner Plus workstation over 6 months ago. For all the time being we have no any problem with this machine and would recommend it to anyone who would like to start the refill business or expand already existed one. Apart from the workstation we have bought from MIS Computer also other accessories and spare parts and we had got everything well.

Our co-operation with MIS Computer company is really very good and every query is dealt with quickly and professionally way.

It is my pleasure to give recommendation to MIS Computer company and especially to Mr. Ismail and Mr. Murat from MIS Computer who are very friendly and helpful guys.

I would like to take this opportunity and thanks both of them for their hospitality during our business trip to Istanbul this year.


General Manager

Real Computers

United Kingdom

When I wished to start in the refilling business, I spent many weeks researching for the best refilling equipment. I finally narrowed my search down to three major companies of which MIS COMPUTER came tops for fast and friendly advice, from highly skilled staff offering state of the art machines that are compact in size and easy to operate and most importantly, having a very low price tag; I decided to purchase the PRO6VC. (discountinued)

I was so impressed with the product and quality of refills that I decided to become a UK dealer for MIS to resell their machines to like minded customers who are struggling to find an affordable solution to ink refilling.

I can confidently recommend and distribute MIS refilling equipment to anyone in the market for refilling. Furthermore I can guarantee excellent after sales support.


Tasawer ISLAM

General Manager

P&G Print Factory


L’azienda MIS COMPUTER è un’azienda molto seria, puntuale, precisa e i suoi collaboratori nella persona di Ismail sono sempre presenti. Qualsiasi dubbio loro te lo spiegano in fretta. Produce macchine che hanno un’alta qualità ad un prezzo decisamente inferiore a quelli di mercato. Sono 20 anni che sono nel settore dell’informatica per l’assistenza ma per me mi sono qualche volta caricato le cartucce da solo generando un bello sporco. Con le macchine di MIS COMPUTER ho da un mese un’attività di rigenerazione e davvero riesco a fare un lavoro pulito, veloce e preciso con ottima soddisfazione del cliente. Più il cliente è soddisfatto più io guadagno.


General Manager

ION Computers


My Deluxe Basic is a machine that hardly needs maintenance but gives a great performance. I love it!


General Manager

PCPLUS Imaging Supplies Co. Ltd.

Ivory Coast

Dear Sir,

This is my testimony. Just thanking you for the refill machine, since we bought it, we have solved many problems we used to encounter during our manual refilling, it makes our refill business easy with good printing results with the cartridges we refill, it simple to use, is another thing that impress me.



General Manager



After searching for a long time in the market,try to find a good, capable, and easy to use refill machine, finally we come to the right place.

For the first time, we realized this machine was different with others. We don’t need other supported tools/machine like centrifuge to do the refill process. And even for us we don’t need to get an on site training to run this machine. All process are easy to do, just watch the movie demo in the website and we can do it all by our self. Also the quality of the materials are the best but with a reasonable price.

So if you want to start your refill business I can recommend you this machine is the best choice for you to buy.

And one more important things is their technical support is very fast and helpful, every problem they will help you solve, so we don’t waste our time and business still go on.


General Manager