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MIS ink cartridge refill machines use “Vacuum-Filling” technique. This technique is actually used in the OEM factories.

You should have heard one of these below before...

“I have refilled my ink cartridge, but it doesn’t print like the original one”
“My refill cartridge does not last like the original one”
“My cartridge stopped printing after a few pages”
“My cartridge prints with lines as if it were an empty cartridge”
“I refilled my cartridge, but it dripped some ink before I install the cartridge to the printer”
“I refilled my cartridge, but it dripped and broke down my printer”
“I refilled my cartridge, but it hasn’t printed, yet”

These are the outcomes of using an incorrect technique in refilling ink cartridges. For a better understanding, we made a series of short movies to explain the basics of ink cartridge refilling and why “Vacuum-Filling” technique is a must for %100 success.