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Since 2005

The New Era in Copier and Toner Refilling

"Vacuum-Filling" Technology

Fill your toner and copier cartridges or bottles automatically under vacuum with zero spill out rate.

Legend is Back!

MIS Deluxe Omega Series Ink Refilling Machine

Refill industry had learned the original way of filling ink cartridges 15 years ago thanks to MIS Deluxe Omega series ink refilling machines.


We are in more than 100 countries!

Cartridges are refilled by MIS ink and toner refill machines all around the world.


Who we are & What we can do for you

Refill Ink

A wide range of high quality refill ink for HP, Canon, EPSON and Brother ink cartridges.

Crystal clear print outs with vivid colors...

Refill Toner

Excellent quality for not only black toner cartridges, but also color ones.

Carefully packed in bottles or 10 kg. bags for excellent print outs.

Copier and Toner Cartridge Refilling Machine

Full automatic toner refilling under vacuum for filling exact and required amount of powder.

No toner powder dispersion anymore!

Ink Cartridge Refilling Machine

Legendary Deluxe Ωmega series ink refilling machines, which introduced "Vacuum-Filling" technique to the industry in 2006.

Let your refill cartridges print just like original ones!

Complementary Equipment

Essential equipment for ink and toner refilling such as;

Steam Generator

Packing Machine

Digital Scale

Consumables and Supplies

A wide range of products used in ink and toner refilling such as;

Toner Chips

OPC Drum

Blue (Anti-static) Tape

Where you can find us

You're more than welcome to visit us directly