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Superior “VACUUM-FILLING” Technology Available Now for Toner and Copier Refilling

MIS ULTIMATE VACUUM Toner and Copier Refilling Machine

MIS ULTIMATE VACUUM is the next generation toner and copier refilling machine, with which you can refill all types and colors of toner cartridges in the market.

Upgraded from the legendary MIS ULTIMATE toner refilling machine, now toner refilling is even easier and simpler. Thanks to “VACUUM-FILLING” technology, toner powder is filled in an isolated chamber to prevent any floating or spilling out.

In other words, as the air inside the chamber is primarily removed, toner powder DOES NOT float or spill out.

Instead, it is filled as if you were filling some liquid such as WATER!

Why MIS ULTIMATE VACUUM Toner Refilling Machine ?


Due to its physical specifications, toner powder can easily float in the air. Therefore, it is quite hard to transfer from one place to another without making it float or spill out.

On the other hand, thanks to advanced “VACUUM-FILLING” technology, MIS ULTIMATE VACUUM prevents toner powder from floating in the air or spilling out.

Portable Toner Bins - MIS ULTIMATE VACUUM Toner Refilling Machine


Use of the machine is quite practical. You don’t need to pour the toner powder into a silo and lift it up.

Instead, toner powder is poured into portable toner bins and MIS ULTIMATE VACUUM simply transfers toner from the bins to the cartridge or bottle.

Full Automatic Refilling under VACUUM

Filling process is automatic. You simply set the amount of toner to be filled such as 50 gr, 100 gr, 1 kg etc. and MIS ULTIMATE VACUUM stops filling automatically when the target amount is filled.

Furthermore, while releasing the vacuum inside the chamber, the incoming air presses toner particles and literally let them sit into the cartridge (or bottle).

As toner powder is very sensitive against the humidity, MIS ULTIMATE VACUUM comes with an air dryer filter, which removes water drops or particles in the vacuumed air or blown air (through air gun).

The last but not least, filling speed can also be adjusted for each 4 filling lines independently. Therefore, you can simply adapt the use of the machine according to the different characteristics of toner powder, you are refilling and adjust the filling speed for the best performance.

MIS ULTIMATE VACUUM Toner Refilling Machine

Portable Toner Bins

Thanks to its practical use, you can connect 4 (four) different toner powder to the machine. These might be different brands or different colors.

The default setup is designed to work with 4 (four) colors, Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow.

Each Portable Toner Bin takes 20 kg of toner powder. And thanks to the sealed covers, they keep the bins humidity free. Therefore, toner powder poured into the bins never gets lumpy.

Advanced Cleaning Workstation

Besides its filling capabilities, MIS ULTIMATE VACUUM is also an advanced cleaning workstation.

You can simply clean your toner cartridges and/or any electronic appliances with the “Air Gun” in its spacious hood.

You can even dismantle and assemble your toner cartridges or any other electronic appliances with the provided “Air Screwdriver”.

Air Dryer filters the vacuumed and blown air in the system and make sure that the humidity is removed. Also, it cleans itself automatically whenever the system starts.