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Deluxe Ωmega Series Ink Refill Machines

The best and the easiest way of refilling printer ink cartridges in the market... An outcome of a vast experience in the business... Your reliable business partner since 2006...

Superior and Original Ink Filling Technique

"Vacuum-Filling" Technique

Deluxe Ωmega Series Ink Cartridge Refill Machines have spacious vacuum chambers to deploy “Vacuum-Filling” technique, which is the original and fabricated ink filling technique.

In this technique, the air inside the chamber is vacuumed and taken out, first. And then ink is filled. As the cartridge is filled in an airless and isolated environment, the ink can be transferred smoothly starting from the bottom of the cartridge to upwards while leaving no blank space for air.

The result is ready-to-print cartridges just after refilling and filling the exact capacity of the ink cartridges.

One machine, multiple solutions...


With Deluxe Ωmega, you can refill up to 9 cartridges at a time.


Besides refilling, you can also clean your cartridges and take the waste ink out.


You can also flush your color contaminated sponges and purify them.


As an advantage of "Vacuum-Filling" technique, priming the print head is automatically done.

Powered Stopcock - MIS Deluxe Omega Ink Refilling Machine

Powered Stopcock

3-way stopcock is not designed to work under vacuum and subject to crack and become obsolete in 3 to 6 months. So, it should be replaced periodically. To merge the lines, 3-way stopcock is rotated 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise.

On the other hand, powered stopcock is much stronger and promises a very long time usage. And to merge the lines is very easy as pressing a button on the control panel

Powered Ink Filling - MIS Deluxe Omega Ink Refilling Machine

Powered Ink Filling

To measure the volume or amount of the ink we refill, syringes are used. Although it is easy to pull up to refill ink into the syringe, it is hard to push the excess amount of ink to send back to the bottle. Besides, after some time, the syringe piston gets tough to work with.

To overcome these problems, highly sensitive pumps are used. That's to say, instead of filling the ink to syringe manually by pulling the piston upwards, you can easily fill the ink by simply pushing “Powered Ink Filling Switch” up or down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which cartridges can I refill with Deluxe Ωmega Ink Cartridge Refilling Machine ?

You can refill all types and colors of ink cartridges available in the market.

Can I also clean my ink cartridges ?

Yes, you can also clean your ink cartridges. All Deluxe Ωmega ink cartridge refilling machines have 3 (three) independent lines dedicated for cleaning. That's to say, you can clean 3 cartridges at the same with your Deluxe Ωmega.

Furthermore, you can flush your sponges to clean color contaminated cartridges. In other words, while cleaning the cartridge, you can also inject some water to purify the sponges.

Can I refill and clean my cartridges at the same time ?

Yes, exactly! While refilling your cartridges, you can also benefit from the same emerged vacuum to clean ink cartridges.

How many ink cartridges can I refill and clean at the same time ?

In Deluxe Ωmega ink cartridge refilling machine, ink filling lines are completely independent. That's to say, for each line, you can connect any type or color of ink. So, for example, in case of a serial production, you can connect black ink to all filling lines.

  • With Deluxe Ωmega 4, you can refill 4 black cartridges
  • With Deluxe Ωmega 6, you can refill 6 black cartridges
  • With Deluxe Ωmega 9, you can refill 9 black cartridges

For cleaning, there are 3 independent cleaning lines. So, along with or apart from refilling, you can also clean 3 ink cartridges with your Deluxe Ωmega ink refilling machine.