Steam Generator

Steam Generator


Steam generator is a complementary equipment in refilling.  It is used to clean the print heads of the cartridges prior to refilling.


Ink, itself, is a very sensitive chemical substance.  Unlike the ink used in pens, cartridge ink is subject to drying when it interacts with the air.  Therefore, when the cartridges are not used for a while, the ink starts to dry and clogs the print head and even the ink channels.  As mentioned in our instructions site,, there is a certain refill procedure, which should be followed up in each refills.  And, the following two is the primary steps in refilling;

1. Cleaning the print heads
2. Taking the waste ink out of the cartridge

In case, the ink is dried at the print head and we skip the first step in the procedure, the following happens;

* Because the ink is dried at the edge of nozzles or print head, we will be unable to take the waste ink out.
* In the worst case, it can lead a physical damage in the print head.  Because, vacuum emerged in MIS ink refill machines is very strong indeed.

Therefore, we need to soften the dried ink at the print head and inside the ink channels so that we can easily vacuum the waste ink easily.

Steam generator produces pressurized steam.  And with this steam, dried ink is softened easily.  Due to the pressure, the steam can go to inner parts of the ink channels.  Eventually, this process eases the vacuum of the waste ink.  Standard water capacity is 1 lt. in MIS steam generators.  With this capacity, steam is produced to clean approximately 300 ink cartridges.  Upon desire, we can also offer 2 lt and 5 lt models.

Steam Gun

Ink is sprayed through the print head with an integrated steam gun.  There is an approximately 1 meter long and flexible hose between the unit and the steam gun.  Thus, the operator can easily use it.  It is recommended to have a long waste bin so that softening the dried ink at the print head can be done in a cleanly manner.




Steaming Print Heads of Ink Cartridges
Usually spraying the steam through the print head should take 10 seconds.  Duration can be extended according to the actual situation of the clogging at the print head.

The crucial point here is to spray the steam in an inclined position, around 45 degrees.  Furthermore, steam should be sprayed in one direction following the physical shape of the print head.  And, the steam should not be sprayed from the sides of the cartridge.

Steam generator is not only used prior to refilling to soften dried ink, but also used to clean the cartridge after refilling to remove ink residues on the surface of the cartridges.