SensoMatic Multi-Line Toner Refilling Machine

A Pioneering Tecnique, The Best Toner Refilling Machine

“SensoMatic Multi-Line”

SensoMatic Multi-Line Toner Refilling Machine

Just Marked an Era !

SensoMatic Multi-Line is the first and the only toner refill machine, which pioneers a completely new filling technique in toner refilling, “Vacuum-Filling” technique.

Now, with SensoMatic Multi-Line, you will be able to refill your toner cartridges and/or bottles in a vacuum chamber. The advantage of this technique making her the best in the market is toner refilling takes place in an isolated environment. In other words, as there is left no air inside the chamber, toner powder cannot float and spill out. Instead, it is filled as if you were filling some liquid.


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A Stand-Alone Machine

The biggest challenge for toner refilling machines was that there was a certain need for a cleaning workstation so that toner dust was kept enclosed inside the filtration system and not float in the air.

Thanks to her innovative design, SensoMatic Multi-Line can be used as a stand-alone unit. And therefore, you can fill all toner cartridges and/or bottles in her isolated vacuum chamber without a need for a complementary machine.

Furthermore, it can be easily integrated to your existing toner cleaning workstation. If you already use MIS Toner Plus or Senso series toner cleaning workstations, you can simply integrate SensoMatic Multi-Line to own a complete solution for toner refilling and cleaning.

Advanced Digital Scale in SensoMatic Multi-Line Toner Refilling Machines

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Advanced Digital Scale

SensoMatic Multi-Line toner refilling machines are equipped with an advanced digital scale, which eases you to refill all toner cartridges and bottles accurately. Furthermore, you can set how much it should fill and it stops automatically after filling target amount.

Innovative Vibrated Toner Bins

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Innovative Vibrated Toner Bins

If we had to refill toner from a bottle, first, we would have to shake it well so that toner dust would be liquidized. Therefore, SensoMatic Multi-Line toner refilling machines have innovative cylindrical toner bins integrated with a vibration motor.

This vibration causes a “shake effect” to toner dust in the bins. Thus, toner dust never gets lumpy and always remains ready for refilling in a liquidized form.

Multiple Filling Lines in SensoMatic Multi-Line Toner Refilling Machine

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Connect 7 Different Types of Toner at Once !

You have many different types of toner and would like to use all instantly ? No problem ! With SensoMatic Multi-Line, you can connect 7 different types of toner powder to the machine and use them in your refills instantly.

Furthermore, SensoMatic Multi-Line shows which refilling line is running with an elegant light inside each button. Therefore, you can see which toner powder you are refilling at the moment.

Ergonomic Design and Easy-to-Use

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Ergonomic Design

SensoMatic Multi-Line toner refilling machines have an ergonomic and professional design, which eases the use without training. All buttons and controls are located under your hand and you can start to use the machine within seconds.

Elecrtostatic Paint

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Electro Static Painting with Lacquer

Like other MIS ink and toner refill machines and as a safety feature, SensoMatic Multi-Line toner refilling machines are painted with electro static paint. Furthermore, top coating with gloss lacquer is applied to increase the solidity of the paint. That ensures a not-fading glossy look at all times while making it easily cleanable.

MIS SensoMatic series toner refill machines are manufactured in EU

Made in EU

MIS SensoMatic series toner refilling machines are manufactured in the EU. After the takeover of our company by Meedad Teknoloji A.S., SensoMatic series toner refilling machines are the continuity of the corporate policy to benefit the production in the European Union to increase the assured quality while keeping the prices even more competitive.