Refill Accessories

Vacuum Clips

Ink Cartridge Vacuum Clip Prior to refilling the ink cartridge, the waste ink should be taken out. In order to vacuum the waste ink, just fix the cartridge into the clip and connect it to the waste line of MIS cartridge refill machines.

Ink Cartridge Labels

Ink Cartridge Labels During ink refilling, these labels are used as replacement. They are offered as sheets…

“Remove Blue Tape” Labels

Remove Blue Tape Labels Refill ink is very sensitive and subject to dry when it interacts with the air. Therefore, we need to seal the print head to prevent any ink drying and ink contamination
just after refilling. If we do not seal the print head, the first possible and the common problem is the clogging of the nozzles…

Warranty Labels

Warranty Labels After refilling the cartridges, this label is put on the cartridges to reflect the warranty of your company.