Why MIS ?

Why MIS ?

Vast Experience in the Field

We are originally a refill company since 2000. Hence, we are very familiar with the cartridges in the market. And, this experience also gives us the chance to solve the common problems seen and known in refill business.

Therefore, our machines are produced to refill every single cartridge with the tested and proven techniques in order to offer the maximum performance.

High Quality Material

At MIS, raw materials are carefully selected to produce durable, stable, and strong machines. In our designs, we especially care about the following;

  • The metal bodies of the machines are painted with electrostatic painting
  • CE Certificated components are installed
  • Easy-to-replace and worldwide available materials are included in the design


Intuitive Design

As an active refill company in the market, we put ourselves on behalf of our customers and design our machines in an intuitive manner with an ergonomic style. Therefore, it becomes easy for anybody to start without any learning curve.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Customer Support

Customer satisfaction at MIS comes first. Therefore, we provide a professional support before and after you make the purchase any of MIS products and services. Our friendly and knowledgeable personnel will be pleased to assist you via e-mail or phone.

Furthermore, with our new website, we explain the refill instructions for each cartridge with MIS cartridge refill machines. For more information, please visit www.refillmanual.com