MIS SensoMatic ULTIMATE Toner Refilling Machine

A Complete Solution to Toner Refilling & Cleaning

“SensoMatic ULTIMATE”

SensoMatic ULTIMATE Toner Cleaning and Refilling Machine

SensoMatic ULTIMATE toner refilling machine is a complete solution to your toner clean and refills. Thanks to its pioneering “Vacuum-Filling” technique, you can refill all types and colors of toner cartridges and bottles smoothly and conveniently.

The advantage of this technique making her the best in the market is toner refilling takes place in an isolated environment. In other words, as there is left no air inside the chamber, toner powder cannot float and spill out. Instead, it is filled as if you were filling some liquid.

Advanced Digital Scale in SensoMatic ULTIMATE Toner Refilling Machines

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Advanced Digital Scale

SensoMatic ULTIMATE toner refilling machines are equipped with an advanced digital scale, which eases you to refill all toner cartridges and bottles accurately. Furthermore, you can set how much it should fill and it stops automatically after filling target amount.

Multiple Filling Lines in SensoMatic ULTIMATE Toner Refilling Machine

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Connect 7 Different Types of Toner at Once !

You have many different types of toner and would like to use all instantly ? No problem ! With SensoMatic ULTIMATE, you can connect 7 different types of toner powder to the machine and use them in your refills instantly.

Furthermore, SensoMatic ULTIMATE shows which refilling line is running with an elegant light inside each button. Therefore, you can see which toner powder you are refilling at the moment.

Filter Alarm System in SensoMatic ULTIMATE

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Filter Alarm System

The legendary feature of our previous toner workstation, MIS Toner Plus, is back ! Now, SensoMatic ULTIMATE comes with FAS aka Filter Alarm System.

This system checks the clogging level of the filters instantly and continuously and warns the operator with a sound alert when the filters are full and clogged.

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Protective and Spacious Closed Hood

During the R&D, we have realized that while cleaning a toner cartridge, filling operators can turn the waste hopper or chamber towards themselves and then blow compressed air with the air gun. In this case, although the vacuum engine is powerful enough to catch all the floating toner dust inside, due to law of physics, toner dust can still can go out of the hood. Therefore, in SensoMatic ULTIMATE toner refilling machines, there is a panel door covering the working hood. This ensures the best protection against the thinnest toner powder to go out especially the color toner models.

Clean and Smart Design. And advanced filtration system powered by industrial leader High Efficiency Filters

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Clean and Powerful

SensoMatic ULTIMATE toner refilling machines have an advanced filtration system powered by industry leader High Efficiency filters straining up to 0.4 micron at %99.97 efficiency rate. When we consider that the average particle size of toner dust ranges between 0.5 and 0.11 micron, it is guaranteed that the toner dust will be kept enclosed inside the system. Furthermore, as an improvement, waste channel and trash bag have been taken into the machine to save space and look more elegant.

Automatic Sliding Cabinet Door in ECO series toner cleaning workstations

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Automatic Sliding Cabinet Door

In SensoMatic series, SensoMatic RC and SensoMatic ULTIMATE toner refilling machines have an automatic slider door. So you can adjust its height according to how tall you are. Furthermore, it is equipped with obstruction control system. Therefore, while you are lowering down the door, the risk for your arms or hands being jammed between the cabinet door and closed hood is eliminated.

Air Dryer removes the humidity in the blown air

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Humid Free Air Blowing

In SensoMatic ULTIMATE, Air Dryer module (air filter) is standard. It ensures the removal of the humidity in the blown air. So that there is left no risk for toner powder to get lumpy.

ECO series toner cleaning workstations have useful accessories such as air gun, air screwdriver

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Useful Accessories

SensoMatic ULTIMATE toner refilling machines come with useful and practical accessories such as Air gun and Air screwdriver. While dismantling a toner cartridge or an electronic appliance, air screwdriver will be your best assistant. Its revolution speed and direction can be adjusted. When you need compressed air for cleaning purposes, air gun will do the job and send all the dust or toner powder to the grill of the filtration system. The best part is all accessories are powered by the external air compressor unit.

Electro Static Painting with Lacquer

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Electro Static Painting with Lacquer

As a safety feature, all SensoMatic series toner refilling machines are painted with electro static paint. Furthermore, top coating with gloss lacquer is applied to increase the solidity of the paint. That ensures a not-fading glossy look at all times while making it easily cleanable.