MIS ULTIMATE Toner Refilling Machine

A Complete Solution to Toner Refilling & Cleaning


MIS ULTIMATE Toner Refilling Machine

Features at the First Glance

MIS ULTIMATE is the first and the only compact toner refilling machine, with which you can refill all black and toner cartridges in the world.

Built on the legendary MIS Toner Plus cleaning workstation and along with the innovative toner refilling technology, MIS ULTIMATE offers the ultimate protection and cleaning of the toner powder. Thanks to its sophisticated filtration system, all dust is kept enclosed inside the industry leader “High Efficiency” filters.

Because of the advanced toner transferring technology, MIS ULTIMATE simply takes toner powder from the bulk bag and fills to your toner cartridges or toner bottles. And the most important of all, it never spills out toner dust and therefore, it never lets toner dust float in the air.

MIS ULTIMATE is equipped with an advanced digital scale, which helps the machine refill toner powder accurately and automatically. In other words, you can simply enter the filling amount such as 50 gr. and it fills 50 gr. and stops automatically.

You can have up to 4 separate and independent filling lines with your MIS Ultimate Toner Refilling Machine. Each line helps you refill your cartridges and bottles without the risk of contaminating your toner powder with different brands and / or colors. Furthermore, each refilling line can be easily cleaned and prepared to switch to another toner powder source such as from HP black to HP cyan powder.


Benefits of MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine
MIS ULTIMATE offers several benefits and advantages to its users. Due to its physical specifications, toner powder can easily float in the air. Therefore, it is quite hard to transfer from one place to another without making it float or spill out. Even if you fill toner powder in a workstation, it is still not handy and quite easy to make it float in the air. Especially while filling a bottle from a bulk bag

On the other hand, with MIS ULTIMATE toner refilling machine, it is quite easy to connect the bulk bag. So is filling to bottle or cartridge.

No Toner Spills Out!

No Toner Spills Out in MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine

Thanks to its advanced toner filling technology, MIS ULTIMATE does not let toner dust float in the air. Instead it fills toner powder smoothly as if it were refilling some liquid.


Connecting Toner Bag to the Machine


Connecting Toner Bag in MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine

Loading toner powder to MIS ULTIMATE is a very easy and clean process. First, put the toner bag into the container. Then, cut the upper corner of the bag with a scissor. And put the container cover back to its place. Finally, insert the metal filling pipe into the bag slowly.

It’s that simple ! No mess, no hassle !

Refilling Toner Cartridges and Bottles

Refilling with MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine

Refilling with MIS ULTIMATE is just like 1, 2, 3. It simply transfers toner powder from bulk bag to toner cartridge or bottle.

Furthermore, when the target amount is filled, it stops automatically.

Advanced Filtration System

Advanced Filtration System in MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine

Besides MIS ULTIMATE is a state-of-the-art toner refilling machine, it also has an advanced filtration system powered by industry leader “High Efficiency” filters. And all the dust is kept enclosed inside the system.


Automatic Cabinet Door

Automatic Cabinet Door in MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine

MIS ULTIMATE has an automatic sliding cabinet door. Therefore, you can easily adjust its height according to how tall you are while working with toner cartridges or filling bottles.


Electro Static Privilege

Electro Static Privelege in MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine

We at MIS Computer believe that security is not a privilege ! Therefore, just like other MIS refill machines for ink and toner cartridges, MIS ULTIMATE has a complete metal body with anti-static painting.

Thus the security level of the entire system is at the “ULTIMATE” level.

Air Dryer Module

Air Dryer Module in MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine

Due to its chemical specifications, toner powder is subject to get lumpy when it interacts with water molecules. In other words, especially in humid environments, toner powder can get lumpy easily.

This also applies when we blow air to toner cartridges with the air gun. Therefore, MIS ULTIMATE toner refilling machine is equipped with an air dryer module, which dries the blown air.

And it cleans itself automatically whenever the system starts.


Accessories in MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine

In MIS ULTIMATE, everything for your ease and comfort is considered.

Air screw driver and air gun are standard in MIS ULTIMATE toner refilling machine. Besides cleaning toner cartridges, you can also clean the filling lines with the air gun completely.

And of course, filling apparatuses, as well.

Air screw driver is powered by the air provided by the external air compressor unit and its rotation speed and direction can be adjusted.

Control and Emergency Buttons

Control and Emergency Buttons on MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine

There are two main buttons, to turn on the system; one for refilling unit and one for cleaning unit.

If needed, you can halt the system immediately by pressing the emergency button. This will cut the power off completely.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance in MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine

Cleaning the filling lines in MIS ULTIMATE is very easy and simple.

You can also easily take the filling tubes out and keep them to use later. As MIS ULTIMATE is equipped with pneumatic fittings, no tools required for maintenance or replacement in the filling line.

Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal at MIS ULTIMATE Automatic Toner Refilling Machine

With MIS ULTIMATE, you can easily dispose the waste within the closed hood. Therefore, you don’t have to carry toner cartridge from one place to another, which leads toner powder float in the air.