Ink Refill Machines

As we are already into the business since 2000, we are more than familiar with the basics of ink and toner cartridge refilling. We directly reflect our experience into our systems. Our objective is to produce an efficient and easy to use machine for your cartridge refilling needs.

In our product range, there are 2 series of ink cartridge refill machines;

MIS Deluxe Series Ink Cartridge Refill Machines MIS PRO Ultra Ink Cartridge Refill Machine
Deluxe Series PRO Ultra

Both series refill cartridges automatically using vacuum filling technique. This is the original and fabricated technique for especially sponged cartridges. It enables to refill the original ink volume to all cartridges while priming the print heads. In other words, if the ink volume is 10 ml, you can definitely and precisely refill 10 ml.

Therefore, if a cartridge is refilled with MIS cartridge refill machines, there is no risk of dripping the ink from the print heads. Furthermore, cease of printing after several print outs is just a chronicle.

MIS Deluxe Series Ink Cartridge Refill Machines

MIS Deluxe series cartridge refill machines have become a legend in the market as they are;

  • Practical
  • Easy to use
  • Clean
  • and Durable.

In the series, there are three different models; Deluxe Omega, ECO Deluxe, and PRO Deluxe. They are produced on the same product platform and have the same the refill technology and performance and the differences lay in the additional features offered in each model. Basically, the differences are as follows;

MIS Deluxe Omega

MIS Deluxe Omega Ink Cartridge Refill Machine It has a single vacuum chamber with 6 ink filling lines, yet with 3 emptying lines.

MIS ECO Deluxe

MIS ECO Deluxe Ink Cartridge Refill Machine Unlike Deluxe Omega, ECO Deluxe has twin vacuum chambers and 10 ink filling lines.

MIS PRO Deluxe

MIS PRO Deluxe Ink Cartridge Refill Machine With its “Touch’n Fill” technology, you can refill 12 cartridges with 12 single clicks. With this technology, MIS PRO Deluxe offers you a strong and durable usage during its lifetime.In addition to ECO Deluxe, it is equipped with the following;

  • Touch’n Fill Technology (Metal Stopcocks)
  • 12 Ink Filling Lines
  • Sponge Washing Unit up to 5 lines
  • Needle holders
  • Special design waste collector box (waste ink draining tray)
  • Waste ink draining lines at the sides
  • Chrome trimmed top panel and chamber doors

MIS PRO Deluxe Limited Edition

MIS PRO Deluxe Limited Edition Ink Cartridge Refill Machine
  • Full chrome trimmed body version of PRO Deluxe.
  • Refilling, emptying, and even flushing cartridges…
  • All is in an elegant and stylish look.