Ink Plus – Lebanon

MIS Ink Cartridge Refill Machines and Toner WorkstationsI am the owner and operator of company INK PLUS. I purchased the business pack from MIS, which includes the PRO-6VC and a fully operational products package that covers every aspect for ink and toner refilling.

My experience with the PRO-6VC has been; precise ink refilling and vacuuming results, excellent quality instruments, and ease of use. The machine is very simple to operate for the beginner as I was when I began my ink-refilling business operations. I can certify that I’ve produced correct results with my machine and haven’t experienced any breakdown or failure.

The range of ink supplies that includes with my package covers every brand and cartridge model. Hence, I’m enabled to refill and return a fully functional cartridge to my customers and preserve my company’s credibility.

So for my part in this industry I can say that I’m very satisfied indeed and would recommend the same business package to the beginner who wishes to join in the fast evolving industry of ink/toner remanufacturing.

Alexander Vladisavljevic


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