Centrifuge Machine

MIS Centrifuge MachineMIS Centrifuge Machine is used to drain the old and used ink out of the cartridge. It is the best solution to correct the color contaminated cartridges and solve the clogging problem.

As noted before while explaining the Steam Generator, ink, itself, is a very sensitive chemical substance. Unlike the ink used in pens, cartridge ink is subject to drying when it interacts with the air. Therefore, when the cartridges are not used for a while, the ink starts to dry and clogs the print head and even the ink channels.

Furthermore, in color cartridges, it is very usual that we can see the situation called color contamination. Green is the most common one occurred by mixing of yellow and cyan. In such cases, the sponges in a cartridge should be washed to remove the contamination.

Thanks to the centrifugal force, the waste or used or contaminated ink is taken out from the nozzles. Prior to putting the cartridges into basin, if you inject some ordinary water or cleaning solution, it will also flush out the sponges which will help clean the sponges thoroughly. The last but not the least, it can also dry the sponges and make the cartridge ready for refilling as if you were filling a brand new cartridge.

In order to protect the electronic circuitry, MIS Centrifuge Machine is equipped with a motor revving at 1,400 rpm. And thanks to its spacious basin, up to 51 cartridges can be cleaned at the same time.

For the best security, the unit has braking system and door locking mechanism.

Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 66.5 cm

Weight: 13 kg.

Power: 220V – 200 Watt – 50 Hz.